Thursday, June 19, 2014


Silence isn't always golden
Sometimes it looks like a still place
A gently ebbing lake> but with deep undercurrents

At times
The place one is before learning to speak
Where one listens more and gets to
Build real words rather than
Stutters mumbles, sighs and clicks
vocalizations that no letters in the alphabet
can accurately depict

Silence is best observed
With closed eyes
Not needing to believe in anything
But becoming a believer all the same
that many truths to many are just make belief


Silence can be taking deep breaths
and opening our ears
Blowing our noses
And coughing our thoughts clear

Silence is like laughter
jumping on a chair
Stubbing a toe
Screaming in a crowd
whistling along to ones own music
Being well enough aware
To call ones own kind of noise
Beautifully silent

06, May ,2014 / 14,06,2014

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