Friday, June 20, 2014

Punctuation Marks (...the absence of...)

All my spelling mistakes...
and misplaced and ommitted
Punctuation Marks
Repetitions and
Hesitations and
Continuation and
Stops and Starts
And breaks in
Rhythm and intonation
Between Results and causation
And Complication of chains
of consonants and vowels
processed in thought
coded in another alphabet

In the mind they float
Then some words
Mistakenly deleted
Lines lost in an instant
Were but now are not
Now searching
In the jumbled chords
There goes another lost sequence

But its all OK in capital letters
its me expressed and me at best
Me with all my selfselfness
And no.. I did not write like this in school
It was more close to perfect
...Less disjointed
But I know I'm not sitting any test
In complete sentences
But I can completely express myself
In exact thought process
With no word symbols ommitted
Thoughts in random order completed.
... uninterrupted
Mind reconstructed

Thinking through the keyboard

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