Friday, May 30, 2014

Cardboard Boxes

These cardboard box walls
That surround our minds
And make it feel strangely at home
These cardboard box walls of thoughts that feel safe
And traditions well engrained
These cardboard walls that give a sense of security
These walls of history painted in [.......]

These walls that keep out the dust of the unknown
But only until it rains
Then the cardboard walls get soaked and wet and mouldy
And the walls become dust on their own
These flimsy walks that keep us caged
That only too easily come down crashing
When a little wind blows their way
These foundationless towers
These false roads to happiness
That lead to false imprisonment
Jan 16.2012

It is to these walls that I bow
And to these forts that I retreat
Because if these towers were made of stone
They would have been too imposing for me
To dare find a deeper truth
To set off on my path back
To hope to get to a place
Closer to home