Sunday, September 22, 2013

Andrum (Breathing Space) at Arken Värnamo

Had an earpiece today so got to hear all of the sermon at Arken Värnamo ... in English. Lots of little snippets from the sermon delivered by Anders Ahlenius worth remembering...took out some paper and wrote them down
It is the food that gives nourishment not the spices
...centrum av livet vs spice of live
We are neighbours but we are not the same...I am not where you are not where I am...(may be on the same road but not at the same place in our journey
Everybody breaks down at some time or other (for an hour, for a day for a month for a year....) Who holds the emergency plan when we crash?
Andrum (Breathing Space) ... Create a space where you can breathe....DEEPLY
_------------------------------- 21 sept Skördefest i APLADALEN

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