Sunday, September 22, 2013

Andrum (Breathing Space) at Arken Värnamo

Had an earpiece today so got to hear all of the sermon at Arken Värnamo ... in English. Lots of little snippets from the sermon delivered by Anders Ahlenius worth remembering...took out some paper and wrote them down
It is the food that gives nourishment not the spices
...centrum av livet vs spice of live
We are neighbours but we are not the same...I am not where you are not where I am...(may be on the same road but not at the same place in our journey
Everybody breaks down at some time or other (for an hour, for a day for a month for a year....) Who holds the emergency plan when we crash?
Andrum (Breathing Space) ... Create a space where you can breathe....DEEPLY
_------------------------------- 21 sept Skördefest i APLADALEN

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Grow a Beard and Cut all My Hair

I'd like to grow a beard
And cut all my hair
Lie down and
Not be seated in this chair

To walk a little
And stop running a lot
Feel the thoughts in my brain
Take some time to inhale
And wait

To clear my mind
And feed my heart
Starve my fears
And feed my drive

Be alivE

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Jul 31 2013

The Close of one Week, the opening of Another

Another week begins
Another song to sing
Thankful for what has been
Looking to life
That it may be
All it is to be
That I may know
That I may grow
That I may be aware of
more and more
That time may make
The best of me
That life itself
May best reflect
The the spark inside
and all around...
1st week sept

This Was Supposed to be a tweet

When you have been outside it for as long as you could remember and happen step in gain new respect for those who have been through it...and came out with their heads still right in-between their shoulders..
Listening to some music

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kanisani na matembezi Viungani Värnamo

Leo nilitembea zaidi ya kilomita kumi...
mara yangu ya kwanza kutembea
mda mrefu hivyo
kwa zaidi ya miaka miwili

kwa mie anayependa kutembea
Ilikuwa vizuri
Kuchagua kati ya njia panda
Na kupotea

Kupata njia tena
Na Kurudi mahali ninapojua
Kujiuliza maswali mawazo yakifunguka
Kutafakari majibu yakitua

sasa... "Ninasikia kichwa, tumbo na mgongo...kifua na magoti..." maumivu yataisha

jumapili kanisani Ärken
matembezi leo viungani
Kanisani jumapili
na matembezi Viungani...
Mguu Niponye
Nyumbani Nitafika

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Same Mind...Old Thoughts ... Different Source

Been rolling these thoughts in my mind for a while...
Pulled these from twitter
Current lessons to learn...

growth vs stagnation
liberty vs fear
"presence" vs bitter past'
Trust vs Control
Openness vs truth
power vs legitimacy
freedom vs detatchment
maturity vs....
boy vs man
responsibility to oneself vs commitment to others

Life is the teacher...
It chooses our tutors...
Best to take lifes lessons with a smile