Friday, August 16, 2013

Bus Ride

When what is meant is spoken
And what is spoken is meant
Inconsistent charges held when meaning
Is lost in the road map
Never a right answer to questions
that rate...measure...monitor...test.
Change this here,
Pull a string there
no reaction..
surface opinion
redraft hypothesis
Change lanes...action plan
Play games? play
Not to give instruction
not meant to take
Not to hide behind shadows
Halos lurking behind windows
watch which road to take
A quick glimpse here
A turn of the head there
decisions made
but eccentricity is the realm
from which they stem
And the random dips and spikes over time
Chart a graph
And the pattern shows where the road leads
So predictably so
There is consistency after all!
The bus will be at the station tomorrow
At exactly twenty two past eight
End of experiment

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