Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jönköpings Sinfonietta at Värnamo Kyrka

Photos aren't so good...but a beautiful building (not forgetting the music) ... Eyes and ears satisfied..mind and body rested

Last piano piece (Chopin I think) sums it all up...start up...hold your breath...almost there...the last note...back to 'doh' ...exhale and you're home...

Same skin outside...(save for the goose bumps) but more aware inside. Still alive...still breathing...still happy still open to the joy of possibility...ever more conscious that I am indeed boundless in me

Reminded me of my high school Chapel for some reason ...certain to pay Varnamo Kyrka another visit...given a chance

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Smoke Signal

We chart our lives with words
And with words we say yes, no, probably or never
Words that bind and chart a course
Prosecute but never once
stand up to be taken to account
Kick up dust
Blaring loud music
Not ever to consider
that it might stir up a close soul
Blow up smoke
Hide behind the chaos
But as the dust settles
it all settles on the same spots
Ready to be stirred up again.
Same scenario...just different props

Friday, August 16, 2013

Aunt Grace

Talked to aunty Grace today
coz Karma wasn't listening.
Nothing I would do could make her change
and had been accused of tempting Fate
He has quite a temper
Could have ran me over like a train
so didn't want to stand in his way
then I remembered Grace who
Could stomp her foot on anything
And shush Karma and Fate
Sit them in a corner as she rearranged the space
So that Karma and Fate wouldn't make a mess.

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Bus Ride

When what is meant is spoken
And what is spoken is meant
Inconsistent charges held when meaning
Is lost in the road map
Never a right answer to questions
that rate...measure...monitor...test.
Change this here,
Pull a string there
no reaction..
surface opinion
redraft hypothesis
Change lanes...action plan
Play games? play
Not to give instruction
not meant to take
Not to hide behind shadows
Halos lurking behind windows
watch which road to take
A quick glimpse here
A turn of the head there
decisions made
but eccentricity is the realm
from which they stem
And the random dips and spikes over time
Chart a graph
And the pattern shows where the road leads
So predictably so
There is consistency after all!
The bus will be at the station tomorrow
At exactly twenty two past eight
End of experiment

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