Monday, July 22, 2013

Wilson 747

The Aircraft has stalled
The aircraft has stalled!
We've ushered in too many passengers
And the pilot is a fraud

The plane is going to roll
Skid to a stop
Try to take off with a 747
Out of Wilson Airport

The airports too busy
Our equipment's too old
Before you land do another circle
to make sure the runway is completely clear
when your engine roars to a halt

The wings are too wide
As the aircraft sideways slides
Clip a screen here and a few wheels there
Sparks fly over the runway lights

Gashes and scratches
and fuel leaks
We expect an explosion
But all we hear
Are the little peoples shrieks

So like a matatu that rolled
They push out of ripped windows
not open doors
And though the smell of fuel hangs heavy
The aircraft doesn't blow

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