Saturday, May 25, 2013


It happened to us
But you did it to yourselves
You made the choices and blazed a trail
Fled to freedom but got shackled in chains
The jets going to crash but you keep pulling on the stick
All your fingers will be smashed got to push the button for the ejector seat
You did it to yourselves
Don't say they did it to me...

When they stand at the door and want to leave
When there's an insane crowd pushing to get in
In and out they want to stay and leave
Up and down the the ship goes before it sinks
They did it to themselves
and with the sharks they have to learn to swim.

All actors in the drama
Different fill
All actors for themselves makes for an over dramatic scene
Never for myself but for the cast it should be.
Then once its done for me a reward
..but for now just for ourselves
Let's get off this crazy scene.

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