Friday, September 28, 2012


This is me
This is me in this space
This is me seated
Lucid enough to introspect

This is me
This is me looking at myself
Looking through every thought
Looking at what each has brought

This is me letting go of and accepting self
This is me sane enough
To make mistakes
And laugh at myself

This is me looking ahead
This is me nodding my head
This is me ready to goof up sometimes
Pick things up when they fall apart

This is me focusing my gaze
Listening to the jazz pianist play her best
This is me taking a breath
Getting sane on a tune in my head

This is me seeing clearly
Putting focus to my gaze
Setting a course
Making a way
Determining my pace

This is me
But not just "and myself"

not done yet but its a start...will finish later

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