Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peripheral Vision

Painting a picture and colouring in
Not from the centre
But out from the background
Capturing the shades and shadows in detail
But leaving out forms that cast the image
Seeing the halos of those that be
Seeing the wakes of ships at sea
Following the trail that feet have made
Looking at the ripples after the wind has wailed
I'm painting from the outside...
moving in

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Sugar High

Beat...migraine control
Heat...anxiety attach

Eat...less sugar

Mind...and body
Soul...and spirit
Click....plug In...and sync

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Zima hisia
Acha sana kufikiria

Uchovu isikuume

Imesemekana kwamba
Furaha sio kwa kufanya mengi
Kuridhika sio kwa kupata vyeti
Bado sijadhihirisha kama haya yote ni kweli

Kijana endelea kukazana
Endelea kujipea motisha
Upepo wa maisha itakufikisha

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Friday, September 28, 2012


This is me
This is me in this space
This is me seated
Lucid enough to introspect

This is me
This is me looking at myself
Looking through every thought
Looking at what each has brought

This is me letting go of and accepting self
This is me sane enough
To make mistakes
And laugh at myself

This is me looking ahead
This is me nodding my head
This is me ready to goof up sometimes
Pick things up when they fall apart

This is me focusing my gaze
Listening to the jazz pianist play her best
This is me taking a breath
Getting sane on a tune in my head

This is me seeing clearly
Putting focus to my gaze
Setting a course
Making a way
Determining my pace

This is me
But not just "and myself"

not done yet but its a start...will finish later

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Friday, September 7, 2012


Attended a concert by Mutinda today at Alliance Francaise titled Acoustic Affair. Not the first time I attended his concert. Wrote about a previous concert in April 2009 when he first launched his CD Matopeni. True as my dear friend summed it all up " Nostalgia" but also enjoyed all his new work that I hadn't heard before look out for one "Pombe Ya Kikombe" nice one that one. Embedded is a video about Mutinda.

" In solitude I find words..and in those words I find my life" Mutinda (paraphrase). NIce concert today...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mental Housekeeping -

All around me isn't me
If it were, I'd be
A drunken dancer to a reggae dub
Each move a miscalculated mis-step

This is not me daily dancing in this muck
Every morning shining my shoes to jump right back
This is not me in this mish-mash
Grasping for something just out of reach...I slip

Not me in a trying to be and not being
In not wanting so as not to want enough
Not me disenchanted to a point where
Disillusionment is interpreted as Being satisfied with just not enough

Not me busting my back trying to put my life on track
Not me digging my shoulder in the ground
Grit stuck in my arm
Not me sticking my fist in the dirt

This is not me
Groping in the darkness
Shading my laser burned eyes
From halos and starbursts from yet to be discovered galaxies
Hiding in flickering streetlamps
This is not me pushing against obstacles against doors that should budge.
Only for them to put up a fight
Like they had concrete worked into their locks

This is not me dying inside trying to be alive
Not me lost inside trying to find a right path
This is not me trying to find sight Yet becoming blind
Wait... This is not me
...Or is it?

some formatting isnt working...dont know why... hope you get it. Too tired to keep typing

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