Saturday, December 10, 2011

Double Vision

It fades into the background
And comes back into focus.
Frames my perception
Determines my scope of vision.
This very thinking I hold in the centre of my mind
Often reminds me that I make mistakes sometimes.

Proven myself wrong many times
But these wrong choices have led me to what is right often time
Taken myself to places that left me with many scars
But these scars have led me to seek out beauty in my life.
So just like a coin that has a head and a behind.
Every situation had got a flip side
Doesn't matter how it falls
How you pick it up and choose to look at it is up to you to decide

See...double vision is good sometimes
Two points of focus all in one eye
You might not see things clearly the first time
But as you pay attention
To what matters in your life
All the shadows shift to the background
And all that matters remains centred at the core of your mind.
See how double vision got you this far?
Good...leave a reply...maybe things look clearer in your minds eye

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