Friday, June 18, 2010


I needed to let go of some stress so I walked to Alliance Francaise in Nairobi; had a look at their notice board...saw an interesting poster for a concert this evening and attended...not knowing that it would be the most interesting and "enigmatic" concert I've ever attended. Great Poster translated to Great Concert and elaborate how many times do you get that lucky...below are posts I made on facebook concerning the concert. The last comment I made about Sophie Hungers music but it seems we have our own "Sophie Hunger" right here in Nairobi. It defines Melisa Asali's music perfectly.


Saw the poster at alliance...eishhh...creative stuff...never heard your music but had to get a ticket. Hope the music will be as creative as the poster (James Adolwa 18-06-2010 17:00 hours - Facebook)


Crazy performance...didn't understand a lot of it but enjoyed all of both your CD and listening to the CD ( with headphones so that I catch every word) and enjoying it even more. Left me with a lot of questions...especially enjoyed the last song where you were desperately looking for babas voice mpaka you were pulling your ears...painful...thought inspiring. Eishhhhhhhhh great music.

Controversial...who is baba?.....lots of questions...keep doing music... its what you are meant to do. Yes...and write poetry...publish a book or something.

p.s. wondering if it was a double CD coz I got a double CD case with only one CD inside...cannot just yet get enough of it (James Adolwa 18-06-2010 23:00 hours - Facebook)

Words that could mean nothing...words that could mean everything...listened to this twice over...more than just interesting lyrics...beautiful but music from some other place...well worth a listen. (James Adolwa Facebook- 30th May 2010)


The youtube video is in English but a lot of soul searching questions are written all over her swahili songs. Get her CD...