Monday, May 10, 2010

Its May - Masiku Yapita

It's May

I cannot believe its May
January and February and March
All gone and faded away
Its May it was yesterday
And tomorrow the month remains
I can't believe its May


J. Adolwa


Different Roles / Masiku Yapita

Masiku yapita
Misimu yabadilika
Marafiki waonana
Kisha waachana
Different Roles
Different Goals

Maisha yopata
Jawa na furaha
sina ila baraka
Different Roles
Different Goals

As we live our lives
Travelling on life's paths
It is good to know
that there are different roads
......for different souls

J. Adolwa - 2005



I'm not a musician
but the words had a tune
so I had to put a song together
as awful as it may be

Ukweli-different roles by ushairimamboleo

...and here is another that I'd like to get out of the way...the first thing I ever tried to record. Did this around 2003 whispering into a microphone...a lot of distortion and buzzing but again I didn't say I was a musician...

Perfect People by ushairimamboleo

And here is another one I dug up...done between 2003 and early 2006 will have to confirm this

Ukweli wa mambo by ushairimamboleo

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