Sunday, April 18, 2010




It’s been more than a month since I’ve been here and I am very conscious of the fact that I haven’t posted anything to this blog in that time.

Too much has been going on, I’ve moved towns…no longer in Nairobi and I am now more than 700 kilometres away in a small town in Coast province.

There is no FM radio or terrestrial television here. No real hospital, no supermarket, but there are many donkeys and goats and cows and insects and frogs…and am told if you are not very careful at night you might just meet a hyena…laughing.

The place doesn’t rain much but it floods… the water is salty and the roads to and from the place are regularly washed away. .

Those who speak Kiswahili here speak it perfectly with proper pacing and intonation.. real Kiswahili…not the variety you find in Nairobi. And for those who don’t speak Kiswahili…well, they don’t speak it at all.

There are many bars here. I frequent them a lot but only for lunch or supper. They have a lot to offer; meals …bed…breakfast. Many long distance trucks stop-over.

There is more tap-water here than in Nairobi…but just yet none of it is good for drinking…maybe in a month or two I will be able to.

All these stories and I haven’t mentioned the most significant thing - the heat. Its difficult to wear anything…I get a full nights sleep without needing a blanket. Its hot and humid…

By the way did I mention that I got to see the ocean!!! Last time I saw it I was a little kid…it still looks the same…nothings changed…but it still felt good looking into the beyond where water meets sky and you get yourself to thinking that the limits of your mind go way beyond the limits of your sight

Well, I live here now, it may be difficult to adjust but people – and/or animals whichever came first – have been here for thousands maybe millions of years and they have lived and thrived and conquered this land, now its my turn to make something for myself in this place. Am wondering what kind of shape for my life I will create out of this space…well…lets find out…

James Adolwa

P.S –none of this is proper in terms of punctuation and grammar. Just random thoughts so just take them as they come…randomly