Thursday, January 14, 2010


They go forward and backward and then repeat
They are insistent and constant and habitual it seems
I'm afraid I might have let them sink their roots too deep

I want to leave them behind me
but behind me is not the best place for them to be
I want to start running
but running will only bring them closer to me
They surround me
And from inside me they seem to increase

These things are creeping me out
Because their faces look eerily like me
When I stamp my foot on them
the pain shoots right up to my knee

These little devils sprung up from me
Little soldiers I made to open up a path for me
And as an army they fought valialty
But now the mutant insurgents attack
And shackle my feet

These thoughts I think that make thinking incomplete
This way of seeing things that is now totally obsolete
These old patterns of cognition that crawl up to retard my increase
These methods of finding meaning that make meaning disappear in a mist

James Adolwa

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is likely to be my shortest post yet - though I might have to look through my posts to confirm this. This is for the benefit of those who might find themselves viewing this blog and end up wondering what "Ushairi Mamboleo" is. So just the basic definitions

First things first....the two words are in Kiswahili /Swahili

Ushairi: poetry
Mamboleo: connotes or implies "modernity" (to be honest I need help on defining this)
Ushairi Mamboleo: modern poetry

Ok...time to be honest...I've not posted anything this I decided to get that barrier out of the way and get started on my blogposts for least its a start...said almost nothing with so many words.