Sunday, December 27, 2009


CRAW FORUM - Creative Artists and Writers Forum

I know...I have been quiet for a long time. Call it writers block or laziness or something. I don't quite know what it is.

Am writing this post to introduce all of you to a new site. Well, this a site for Artists and Writers to share their work, get information, chat, discuss, network and get tips on improving their trade. I have had opportunity to meet the founders of the forum and I know that they are really passionate about this.

So let us get sharing as artists; whether you are a poet, writer, musician, actor, graphic artist, painter...lets get involved and improve and network.

To visit the forum and sign up CLICK HERE
To read one of my poems hosted on the forum CLICK HERE

Wishing you a happy prosperous,productive, restful and peaceful 2010
Let all your plans come together and give fulfilment and harmony
May you have unity of purpose, desire and will
May your thoughts be coherent, logical and expansive
May you find all the pieces that make your dreams complete

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Two poems with the same first line. I havn't made sense of them yet


Patience is pain
Dull and drawn out
A protracted battle
Where no dust is raised
The space between letting go
And letting things stay the same
A place where inertia is your friend
And progress imperceptibly sustained
Patience is no game
Its a battle with no territory gained
A slow steady motionless pace
Where you stay as you push against
The walls that cage you in

James Adolwa


patience is pain
prolonged, expanded, sustained
Tolerance is irritation
bottled up, inhibited, suppressed
Strength is weakness
transmuted, uprooted, twitched
Light is darkness
expelled, evicted, ejected

James Adolwa