Sunday, November 29, 2009


I hate you, I hate you
That is what his heart said
But I love you,I dearly love you
His mouth said.
I don't want to see you,you little devil you!
His heart raged..
But I need you,I want to be near you,
Lovely angel you, His heart repeated again.
You irritate me!His heart yelled
But you are lovely angelic and kindly,
his mouth adored.

Thank God it's over!
His heart yelled.
But when can I see you again?
His mouth pleaded its earnest request.
Get away run away stay away,
don't come near me again!
But his mouth,
Dearest, Your presence is sweetness to me

Copyright ©2001 James Dan Adolwa


  1. Nilishtuka nilipoanza kusoma. ujumbe mzuri chuki na upendo kwa wakati mmoja.

  2. Hali ya binadamu Yasinta...kwa kiingereza "abivalence"...mixed feelings or emotions...ujumbe wa shairi hili yaweza kuwa ya kushtusha pia...yaani kuwa kwa hali ya ulegevu kwa kufikia uamuzi maishani...hali ya kubembea kwa mawazo.

    A state of indecision lack of concreteness in thought. This is the cause of many crisis and problems in human life... we often- at the same time-love and hate our friends, our spouses, our jobs, our parents, our siblings, our children, our religion, ourselves, our goals...our God.

    Unity in thought, emotion and purpose is not something that many of us can boast of...and those who have achieved this are great souls...those who don't carry the contradictions of life around with them. Their lives, thoughts and actions are in absolute harmony with their purpose....their mission. Not many of these souls have walked this earth....and many of these souls humanity got rid of because they revealed to us the sorry state of our thoughts...mostly weak and scattered just like in the poem.

    Tukichunguza mawazo yetu hivi...mawazo yetu yaweza kutustusha Yasinta...