Thursday, October 29, 2009


I don't hear you anymore
Not because you've stopped talking
Its just that I haven't taken time to listen

When I think about it
I haven't really heard your voice before
Because I don't yet know how you speak

Can someone really forget a familiar voice?
If I hear the voice of someone I knew in standard 4
Even today I would recognize the face of the person who spoke

I think I don't know you at all
Yet all along I have wanted to know you most
But to be honest your face remains as strange as your voice


  1. So far I won't be captivated,
    By your words anymore;
    So if you speak, carry on.
    But I won't be listening again,
    Life has taught me,
    In so many ways;
    That you don't deserve,
    In anyhow,
    To be listened,
    Even if you speak.

  2. I hear U now
    Not with voice..
    BUT with the inner soul that knows U
    Yet, we have never met

  3. You are damn right...this is but a plight,
    That makes one wish to jump on the next flight.

    You didn't take the time to listen,
    That makes many an eye with tears glisten,
    the voiceless too have a voice,
    but oft are left without choice...

    All it takes to remember one,
    for the blind,
    the voice without the face...
    for the deaf,
    the face without the voice.