Thursday, October 29, 2009


I don't hear you anymore
Not because you've stopped talking
Its just that I haven't taken time to listen

When I think about it
I haven't really heard your voice before
Because I don't yet know how you speak

Can someone really forget a familiar voice?
If I hear the voice of someone I knew in standard 4
Even today I would recognize the face of the person who spoke

I think I don't know you at all
Yet all along I have wanted to know you most
But to be honest your face remains as strange as your voice

Friday, October 23, 2009

Just A Band

Hii ni video ambayo imenipendeza sana. imetungwa na "Just A Band" wanaotunga muziki yao kishairi kweli. Wametoa CD nyingine mpya inayoitwa "82" Sikupata nafasi ya kuenda kwa launch ya hiyo CD lakini kulingana na yale nimesikia.. it is worth getting hold of. Unaweza kuwapata hapa Pia unaweza soma makala/simulizi nilioandika kwa blogu nyingine kuwahusu walipoimba hapo Goethe Institut hapa Nairobi miezi kadhaa iliyopita. Fungua hapa

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Poetry can be told without words
As long as there is a story
There is Poetry

There was a time I used to play with sound. I'd sit infront of the computer and come up with some form of arrangement. I do not know if they were musical (maybe you will tell me in your comments) but they certainly have a story to tell. Whenever I listen to them they throw my mind back several years ago... to a certain way of thinking... feeling... believing.... talking.... acting.... its like hypnosis.... I automatically get back in touch with something from back then...and I start thinking just how far I have come and how far I am yet to go. These pieces of sound are pieces of thought. Pieces of habit... pieces of believing.... pieces of being. From the same source that attempts to write poetry was an attempt a while back at music. All products of thinking....

Kuna kitu kwa muziki...kuna wakati maishani nilipoamua kucheza na sauti...niliketi mbele ya komputa nikijaribu kupanga sauti ili iwe muziki. Wakati wopote ninaposikiliza hizi sehemu za sauti fikirazangu hunipeleka miaka kadhaa nyuma wakati nilipotunga haya. Maisha ni fikira na fikira ni maisha...nilikuwa nikifikiria nini nilipotengeneza haya sehemu? Umuhimu ya hayo fikira ilikuwa nini?... Hayo fikira yaliniletea faida gani maishani? Kila ninapoyasikiliza yananikumbusha mazoea fulani ya fikira niliyokuwa nikikiyarudia wakati huo. Hizi sehemu za sauti pia ni sehemu za fikira zangu ambazo ningependa kuacha nanyi.

These are the very first experiments I did. There are others that were done later that had better clearer results so treat this post as a work in progress I hope to add better mp3 files in time...

Samahani Kwa wote ambao wamejaribu kucheza hizi file. Machini sijui kwanini, lakini badala ya kuzitoa kwanza ningependa kupata suluhisho. Niwie radhi

MY appologies to all those who might have tried to play the mp3 files. I do not yet know why the files will not still looking for a solution...anyone with any ideas...

3 days later problem fixed I hadn't enabled sharing on the folder...another day a lot of new things learnt, now I know that you have to enable sharing on a file sharing site. Now wondering if all the mp3's are worth all the effort. Am sure some of you might want to stone me once you get to hear them...but like I said as I keep uploading more they will progressively get better...

Dakika Moja
Gari La Moshi
We Nani

Wanaonongea kiswahili... nisamehe kwa kiswahili yangu....najua ninavunja sheria nyingi za kiswahili lakini nimeamua nitajitahidi

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life and Breath

Breathe in
We often think we are living
Breathe out
But often our souls have stopped breathing

We need to take a deep breath
Because we've been holding all of it in

Without Breathing
In living we become dead
But many times in living
Our souls are holding their breaths

I need to find my souls nose
Because my souls stopped breathing
I need to unblock that nose
Because my soul has had a cold for too long

We keep breathing
To keep our bodies alive
We keep living
To breathe life into our souls

In living many souls
Havn't found their noses yet
And without breathing
Many souls have become dead

James Adolwa 11/10/2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kwani Open Mic @ Club Soundd

Attended the kwani open mic today and I think I might have been converted to a Kwanism (not that that’s how they label themselves)

They hold an open mic session every first Tuesday of every month at Club Soundd on Standard Street. I have known this for a very long time but have put off attending for close to a year. Well I was there today better late than never.

The only thing that might have spoiled it for me was the cigarette smoke (I sat next to the area they seem to have designated for smokers and I didn't know it at the time) and the noise from conversation (well I also did my fair share of talking because I met an old college mate) that slowly drowned out the voices of the poets.

Well, if you attended or are in the habit of attending the Kwani Open Mics at club sound post me a comment. I need a few pointers on how to get into the whole Kwani community

That's all for today...have a lot of reading to catch up on...Purple Hibiscus and Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie which were on a 2 for one offer at the event...another good reason why I think I will keep attending....

p.s. Just visited the kwani website
and saw that the short story competition “THE KENYA WE HAVE” deadline had been extended…good thing…I tried meeting the previous deadline but gave up when my write up fell way short of the 2000 words minimum required. A real challenge for someone who hardly ever writes anything more than 100 words.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The chains have fallen
The darkness has lifted
The mantra I keep chanting
But nothings happening

Has something started
That my eyes havn't caught
Maybe good things are astir
Underneath the surface of my Thoughts

I'll keep singing myself the same song
The chains have fallen
The darkness has lifted
My life has started
My lot has shifted

The chains have fallen
The darkness has lifted
My life has started
My lot has shifted