Tuesday, September 15, 2009


One day I will remember today
Like I remember one yesterday
One day I will look back and ask myself
Why I gave so much of a damn about nada
Some insignificant speck that got stuck in my brain
That so completely obscured
Much of the rest of my life
One day I will wake up and in waking be itegrated
The light in my eye effulgent
The feeling in my heart just different
The sack in my head will give way to lightness
And the constant lump in my throat to freeness
One day, not so far from today
That one day this feeling will go away
This obcuring dulness will fade away
This heaviness will shed its weight
I know because I've been here before
And just like on that yesterday
This abstraction will go away
These cobwebs around my head
Will fade
One day


  1. One day,
    That day when things will change,
    That day of remembrance,
    So far so good for I live today,
    The value of my existence,
    And the usefulness of my ideas,
    Will be of great importance,
    One day.....!

  2. One day,
    One day I will trust,
    One day....!!!

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  4. Thanks pablo. Am on my way there right now