Thursday, July 30, 2009


They all had their own stories to tell
they told them in their own perfect way.
They spoke of blades, bullets. Drugs and needles
Words of their fathers...words of their mothers
Fat cats and top dogs
Hope in God and hope that was lost
One staggered and stammered
His point driven home and hammered
Talk of cuts and slits and city streets
All spoken word
But not all words were spoken
There were things I heard
But no one really said them
They told our own stories
They recited their poetry
They spoke for us
They spoke like us
Their stories…Our poetry

James Adolwa 30/07/2009

STOETRY…Once upon a time in Poetry…Kenya National Theatre…30th July 2009
10 poets, 1 band, one dance group ….Kenya has talent!!! Real talent!!!

Thanks to Nation Media Group for letting me weave this story/poetry into my life.


  1. Yours is a real talent.
    But u'd disappeared for a quite long time.

    Please visit my Diwani ya Fadhili, there's something new.

  2. Asante headed there just now

  3. loved it, loved it, loved it, absolutely loved it! You are burrying your talent in the ground! Publish! Publish! Publish

    Ruth Serem