Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Its very easy to fall in love
but remember to shut your mouth
and not say a thing about it
because its also very easy to make a fool of yourself

Its not so easy to be courageous
Especially when its about something you believe in
because its not so easy to believe in anything
when everything is almost always half right

It is easier to pretend to be a leader
Give the masses a few doses of deluding words
Then change your story and string them along
Just when they are about to figure that its all a lie

Its not easy to be a follower
because there aren't many true leaders
somehow you've got to not care enough
to stand behind one who is as blind as you are

Its not easy to figure life out
whats good whats bad whats wrong whats right
Often times we live in an illusion
following those whose delusions are potent enough

Its not easy to make sense of anything
Especially when I am writing. Am reading this and thinking
What do the first two verses have to do with the rest of this
And something is telling me "Absolutely Everything!"

James Adolwa 02/06/2009