Monday, May 18, 2009


The potter sits at the wheel,
He takes a ball of clay and throws it.
As he pedals the ball begins to spin.
… a light touch.
Through his hands he gives it a part of his life.
With his hands he tells the clay its life story
He whispers into its ear its destiny.
The clay responds
It pays attention to the words
…spoken with the potters hands

"I believe!" The clay seems to say .
"Make me what you want me to be."
it is transformed.
Then the potter squeezes the clay
and mashes it up.
The clay wonders why
The potter takes the clay in his hands
and starts moulding
all over again.

“There were some flaws
..I want you to be perfect.”
With his hands the potter says.
He moulds, makes and creates.
“What an awesome possession you will be.
I want you to be able to withstand the furnace
…though you look pretty good
I cannot yet use you
You have a special work
So l'll perfect you
I'll make sure I've loved you
held you, moulded you
then you can work for me
Right after you've gone through the flames.

12/04/2001 James Adolwa

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