Friday, April 3, 2009

Matopeni Album Launch by Mutinda

Abbi, was there, Lulu was there, Mutinda was there, so where were you if you weren't at the Alliance Francaise for the launch of Matopeni?

"I can imagine myself Monday morning in a lift/elevator with this song playing in my head "
Kariuki Thige

"My work will be accomplished if only my music today reminds you to be happy "

"You alone can write the story of your life"

"The rain brings joy and the farmer it signals a the driver...delay and traffic the city dweller...jumping over puddles and avoiding the mud
Lulu and Sauti za kewetu band

I have talked of Fusion is another great example...Mutinda

I remember...I will remember...because I was happy during and at the end of the show

P.s...and then there was a wardrobe malfunction in the crowd...but that's a story for another day...

To sample some of his music visit

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