Saturday, April 25, 2009


You claim you want to lead me!
Plain, flat and boring
Where do you think you’ll take me?
Into the brightest darkness
Your dim dark soul can supply?
Your words are uninspiring.
If I were to give a speech,
I’d make one better than you ever could.
Mr President Sir!
Is that what you want me to call you?
Mr indolent Sir!
I’d rather address you thus.
What got into your sin sick mind?
Mr Presidential candidate!
I’d rather think you as
Your hungry madness!
You are power hungry Sir.
And your emaciated heart
Has led to temporary blindness
Making you grope
In the deception of your darkened thoughts.
I cannot give you my vote poor Sir.
My fellow countrymen will not give you their vote.
You waste your time. Go home Sir.
I will not have you make a joke of
Our Country’s hopes

James D. Adolwa. 9/1/2002

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