Thursday, April 2, 2009

From The Author

February 2005

We all have wishes; we all have dreams. One of them for me is to have a book with my name on the cover and some really good material in the pages. But not having enough material or not having an actual book does not mean that I never will accomplish my dream.

There is something limitless in me and probably limitless in everyone that will not be caged within the walls of ones personality. So even if one is not the best in something or if ones skill is not yet perfected, there lies a secret in the act of doing and continuing and journeying and living and increasing.

So, I continue living and being and doing and journeying even though I am, in many things, not yet skilled or perfect or thorough. But I enjoy the things I do and I try not to let people who see things differently have too much of an influence on me. Though I might have some interest in what they say, what they think of me (good or bad) doesn’t make all of me.

We do not need perfect people. Those who are boundless are limitless in their own way. But no one is a super hero and we do not need to try to be. Hercules and superman are stories and myths and they never really did exist. Be happy with who you are and what you see but do not forget to improve and grow. Don’t just be but become.

I am not trying to pretend that no one else has said the same thing. They may have used a different set of words but the meaning is still the same. So enjoy these pages...tell me what you think and don’t forget to read the poems because they’re really good.


I’m not always this positive you can tell from some of my poems.

(first posted in February 2005 on another page...the entire contents of this post may not still hold true)

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