Sunday, March 22, 2009


Done poetry, painting, drawing, a little of prose and now I am going to try some music (or something that comes close to it) These are from my very first attempts at recording music. Despite the poor quality (both in the instrumentation and the vocals) I still give myself a little credit because not many people can do this - whatever it is- Did these close to five years ago. Never shared them and since I don't do any music anymore I thought they might rot in the archives so I decided to bring them out.Enjoy or get thoroughly irritated...its all up to you

24/03/2009------I listened to my conscience and got rid of the music....couldn't stand it myself ------- delusion is a very dangerous laughing now..... I just cannot believe that I put that out for close to 24 hours....I cannot believe it...


  1. Thanks...I think this is my biggest joke yet...but I take it that this is not the place for me to be too serious with tempted to delete this but i'd like a few people to laugh their heads off...its a little liberating...coz there wouldn't be much else to be embarassed about in life

  2. That's rare...hanging your dirty linen in public?... will remind you of this when you least expect it...sitasahau :D

  3. Am laughing right now...totally...just seems to have served its purpose...its run its course now I can delete it from my remind me in future...then we can laugh together