Saturday, February 21, 2009


I attended a writing workshop today. I havn't been in such a class for a really long time but I was amazed at what the writers (I really dont consider myself one) churned out in just twenty minutes. I didn't read my story in the workshop partly because I didn't want to share my amateurish work with those professionals but I will share it with you because here there is no pressure...The task was " Write a short story entitled " THE HOUSE WITH THE RED ROOF" I didnt complete the story because all I came up with is three paragraphs and here they are:


There weren't many people in the village. There weren't many houses. But there was one that stood out conspicuously half way up a hill surrounded by many trees. It really was an oddity in these parts given that the whole area surrounding this hill was parched savannah land.

As I drove my tour van I could see the tourists shift their attention towards this building or the little they could see of it through the trees. I could see them ask themselves questions in their minds. "Who might it be that lives there?", " Is that where we are going to pitch camp?", "I thought we were going to the farthest place from civilization...this is not supposed to be here!"

Often, I looked behind in anticipation. The house and its trees always made the visitors feel uneasy and from experience it never took long before someone asked the question ... "What is that house up there?" and I would pretend that I havn't seen it and ask, "Which one?" and he would finish, "That one up there...the house with the red roof." I am always filled with a great sense of satisfaction once one of them asks this because in that house on the hill is where my story begins............

Not very good right? but here is where the fun begins Your Task. I would like you to complete the story...How? Just post a comment with one word, one clause, one sentence or if you feel "sufficiently philanthropic" one paragraph that would make the story flow. Lets see where the story goes...try and be as humorous, creative, silly, out of this world but let the story flow..Who goes first? Type out something in the comments box below


  1. Thats how I would describe it. A "hustlers life," The many stories I tell my tourists often make them respect me but more than anything I want them to be afraid of me....