Thursday, February 19, 2009


Jan 26 2008 11:10 PM

Have you ever asked yourself what you are doing? Where are you going with yourself? Have you ever felt like you have forgotten who you are...and when you look in the mirror you are not so sure who is looking back....Have you ever sat down to think just what it is that you think about? You know....turned yourself inward and tried to ask yourself all the important questions:

-What’s up with you dummy?
-What in the world are you doing?
-Where are you going?
-What the *#*# were you thinking?
-Are you really making sense?

And all the friends and relatives of these questions

Well, got to that place on Friday. I was at home and thinking was just not working. The questions were not getting answered and they had called their neighbours and cousins for backup to bombard my mind.....My head was screaming like hell (though I have to confess I have never been there before)

TV was not helping neither was the newspaper. I tried some breathing exercises and that seemed to calm me a bit then a voice that was my own whispered an idea into my head (funny I was able to hear it)
“…Think of happier times... la la la la laaa…” I think there was a poor connection didn't quite hear the last part then it went mteja na simu ikakatika.

Well anything to get these questions out of my head so I tried thinking of happier times but I needed a vehicle and what better way to visit the days of your life than through music.....I remembered songs from as long ago as 1987…Kim Hill and Commissioned which took me back as long ago as standard 2. I definitely could remember some good times then…I brought myself to more recent times with more music that had stuck in my mind..India Arie, Hugh Masekela (strawberries)…some good old songs that kept swimming in my head.

You know, music acts as a marker to the days of our lives. It’s like a road map....not necessarily telling you where you are going but where you have come from and the places you have been. Its like landmarks saying “ James passed through here on his journeys.” and though you may feel that you've stopped, music tells you that you are moving on, you have made are going somewhere.

Every important event in your life can be marked by a song. Remember High School?... those days when a radio was illegal/contraband but you had one in school anyway and would hide it under your pillow....remember that? Remember listening to Capital Fm or Metro late nights when they were just new stations? Remember when the house master walked into your dorm-room on a surprise inspection? Remember when he woke you up and caught you red handed or should I say red-eared listening to your radio? Remember how it felt when it was confiscated? Remember the song that was playing as he pulled it from under the pillow? Remember the song? Yaaa those were the good old days......and some good old good days are coming up ahead. God Bless the music and God Bless Kenya. Give the TV a break and turn up the radio.

p.s You might have come across this post somewhere else, first posted in Jan 2008…by the same author


  1. Hi James,

    Music has a way of reaching to some depths that we may have forgotten. This morning I was watching on youtube R Kelly Song, "I believe I can fly", its been years since I heard of that song. I literally felt like I had wings.

    Thanks for the post. Reminds me of when I discovered Metro FM in high school. And no I did not even think of the idea of a contraband radio in high school.

    Radio rocks. I am currently listening to radio as I work.

    Good day,

  2. Intresting. I use music as a source of inspiration... as you say, certain songs are definitely triggers to remind us of those defining moments. The connection is part of our complex psych to help us remember just those moments. Serina.