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THE DARK SIDE…some of us have a problem writing when we are happy… all that ever gets written is the darkness… I try to say as much as I can with the fewest words… original Kenyan poetry but from the darker side of things…

Reverse Psychology/ Some encouragement

That’s all you write.
It is all Nonsense!
Look at it!
It doesn’t make sense at all
You use so many words
To say so little
And the meaning is lost
In all the words you use
What should have meant one thing...
Now means everything!

It’s all useless!
Why put it down on paper?
It doesn’t add value to society.
Your poetry is rubbish
Not worth a thing
Take all you’ve written and burn it
The world would be better without it.

James D. Adolwa
84 Words, 20 Lines

More Inspiration

You must be seriously disturbed
if you write poetry
People go through these things everyday
yet you keep rolling then around in your head
Get a life
Get ahead
Take alcohol
Or pay for a doctors help
Don’t twist up the tubes
And mash up the stuff in your brain

James D. Adolwa

My life: My writing.

I may not speak much with my mouth
But I’ll talk heaps with my pen
and though you may take it away
My mind will still keep writing within itself
Till the scratching of the pen
on the paper of my mind
will make so much noise inside
that you can’t ignore the sound outside
Then you’ll gag me, and try to silence me
Cuff me to stop me from writing
Shackle me to stop me from moving
But inside you can’t take away
My heart, my life, my passion, my writing


It is not how you act
But how you are
Not what you have
But who you are
Not where you go
But where that’s home
Not who you meet
But who you’re with.

Not what is temporary
But what endures
Not the journey
But the road you’re on
Not what is imagined
But what is believed
That is what is important…
I think…..

James D. Adolwa

Lunch Date

I talked to the devil
I talked to the devil
On the phone
last night
With a little demon at her side
Chattering all the time

I made a date with the devil
I made a lunch date
On the phone
With the devil last night

We planned to meet after church
Sunday afternoon at ten past one
To have lunch with the devil
Right after Sunday mass.

James D. Adolwa.
67 words, 16 Lines


James D. Adolwa 29/1/2002

Pulled this off my blog. It was published in Kwani? 6 which was launched on 17th December 2010. So I'd encourage you to get a copy. There is a lot of good stuff (great short stories and poetry) in there.

Click on the link below to read the editorial of Kwani? 6.

Kwani? 06 Editorial


The more you try to show
how sated you are
The hungrier you look
The more gadgets you acquire-
The more symbols you possess
Reality shows you have much less

The more you speak
The more you mislead
But your act is not believable though.
If only you were the audience and not the cast
You’d throw your act out fast.

It would be a great thing for you
To find a place that is real
Where you are happy with whom you are
Not what you wish to be.
What you are doing now
Is welcoming guests to
A mansion you haven’t yet built.
Ridiculous! Isn’t it?

James D. Adolwa

Average (33 words)

Just another average clod
Not above
Not below
Not shiny not dull
Just average
Like the colour of soap
Defined by only what it is not
Not excellent
Not poor
Just average

13/12/2001 James D. Adolwa


You watch a bird fly
And think it’s free!
Damn prisoner of instinct
Mindless robot of nature
Where is the birds’ will?
Where is its resolve?
Where is its freedom?

The bird is bound by chains
Invisible chords of fate
Can a bird change its destiny?
Can a bird decide to alter its lifestyle?
Go against the rules?
Sing a different song
From the one it is programmed to know?

Hopeless slave to monotony.
Can he flap his wings differently?
Poor prisoner bird
When I look at you
I don’t admire you
I just feel sorry for you.

James D. Adolwa

It is good to pick a flower
And not crush it in your hand
Good to find a treasure
And know for sure
That it is worth a tidy sum.
It is nice to have a talent
And know what it can do.
It is good to know your treasure
And to know that that treasure is YOU

James D. Adolwa 29/1/2002

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